1. Progress Report

    Just finished my first full week* of graduate school, and though it’s all out baptism by fire and the workload is incredible, a thrill rushes over me every time I remember that I get to do this full time for the next two years. With fairly limited external obligation, I get to think about and tackle big questions about cities, design, and life as much as I want. I get to attend classes by and have extensive conversations with some of the most brilliant minds in the planning field, along with other students from so many different backgrounds that I could become an expert in just about anything simply by learning from them alone. I get to explore datasets, design spaces, map ideas, analyze problems, and develop solutions with the limits of my own creativity as the only real restraint. I get to learn as much as I can possibly cram into my skull. This is totally amazing.


    *ok, technically not full with Labor Day but still.


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